Find out how to maximize your chances of getting a loan that is more easily accepted by one bank than others.

Accepted loan: how does it work?

Accepted loan: how does it work?

Accepting a loan is done as part of a feasibility study, this study can be carried out by a financial advisor in a bank branch or directly online using a consumer loan simulator. For the credit to be accepted, the borrower’s situation must be consistent with the requirements of the credit institutions and the banks. For example, you must have sufficient borrowing capacity, have fixed income and in particular have a lasting employment contract. All these elements will be automatically taken into account when entering the simulation and will immediately inform the borrower of the feasibility of its financing.

To get credit that is accepted all the time, you have to focus on good financing from the start. When you want to opt for a consumer credit, you should know that there are 3 types of contracts that can be put in place. A distinction is thus made between the affected consumer loan, the personal loan and the revolving loan. Among the 3 solutions presented, it is essentially the personal loan which will make it possible to obtain a higher acceptance rate than the others, in particular by the absence of proof of the use of the requested sums. The procedures are also facilitated for borrowers.

Can you get a loan accepted every time?

Can you get a loan accepted every time?

The acceptance of a credit is not systematic, that is to say that certain situations will not be able to correspond with the criteria of requirement of the banks and will unfortunately have to undergo a refusal of credit. It is the reality that requires financial institutions to check the solvency of their customers but also to ensure that they will be able to repay the debt for the duration of the credit. In addition, there are certain obligations relating to credit legislation. To obtain a loan that is more easily accepted, it is ideal to calculate your ability to borrow in order to know precisely the maximum amount that can be requested in the context of an online loan. This can be done with tools on the internet or directly by calculating its debt ratio.

It is important to note that an acceptance of credit is systematically accompanied by an offer of loan contract. Online loan simulators allow you to quickly obtain a first feasibility opinion, but this in no way constitutes a credit contract offer. It is at this precise moment that the financial organization will send the applicant a loan contract offer containing the information from the simulation but making it possible to formalize obtaining the credit. After signing, a reflection period of 14 days must be respected before being able to obtain the funds in your bank account. This period is incompressible, quite simply because it is obligatory in the legislation on the consumer credit.



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